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  1. Prevent, Cure or Pass the Buck

    In 1983, the year I was born, what do you think the mainstay of treatment for a heart attack was? Well according to a medical textbook published the year before, the standard of care was bed-rest, pain killers and little else. Surprising isn't it? Well I'm glad to say that in cardiology things have come a long way since.

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  2. Switching to vim

    Over the weekend I have decided to make the switch to vim. I have been meaning to expore vim for a while but since a couple of friends (including @podmedicsed have recently made the switch I thought I would give it a go.

    There are a reasons that I decided to make the switch:

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  3. What's your diagnosis?

    I recently met this man who was in his mid 40’s and presented to the emergency department after a week of feeling ‘not very well’.

    to summerise he had the following:

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  4. Shortcut to google search bar in Safari for Mac

    This is my new favourite shortcut to avoid using the mouse when browsing the web. Just simply type the following on a Mac in Safari (lets say version >5.0)

      ⌘ + ⌥ + f
      (Command key + option key + 'f')

    Your cursor will then jump to the search box so you can search for anything you wish on Google (does anyone really use anything else? ... perhaps DuckDuckGo?)

    It even works in Chrome (I do not care for many other browsers other than these two- they take care of well over 90% of my browsing)!

    Cool huh?

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  5. Causes of itch

    The causes of itch are varied and a probabily best thought of by considering causes both:

    • dermatological and
    • non-dermatoligical

    I was told a mnemonic for the non-dermatological caues of itch sometime ago and had wrote it on a peice of paper and forgot about it. I tried to recall it last week for a case but couldn't and neither could I find the piece of paper.

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  6. The first: Has will, has no plan

    So here is the first of the posts on my new blog. There is no agenda, there is no plan and most likely no readers. Nevertheless rather than being something to worry about therein lies some beauty. Something new is born.

    I have no agenda and no rules to conform to so this venture can go wherever my imagination, inspiration and friends take me. It's exciting to think that this blog could be the start of some wonderful opportunities and through the process or writing I will undoubtedly learn a tremendous amount.

    I put off starting a blog for so long primarily because I couldn't decide which of the many things I am interested in I should focus on. What theme? Who would read it? Procrastination phase over with a little thanks to Merlin Mann and his genius 43 folders.

    I am looking forward to the adventure and to sharing it with you all.

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