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  1. Prevent, Cure or Pass the Buck

    In 1983, the year I was born, what do you think the mainstay of treatment for a heart attack was? Well according to a medical textbook published the year before, the standard of care was bed-rest, pain killers and little else. Surprising isn't it? Well I'm glad to say that in cardiology things have come a long way since.

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  2. What's your diagnosis?

    I recently met this man who was in his mid 40’s and presented to the emergency department after a week of feeling ‘not very well’.

    to summerise he had the following:

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  3. Causes of itch

    The causes of itch are varied and a probabily best thought of by considering causes both:

    • dermatological and
    • non-dermatoligical

    I was told a mnemonic for the non-dermatological caues of itch sometime ago and had wrote it on a peice of paper and forgot about it. I tried to recall it last week for a case but couldn't and neither could I find the piece of paper.

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