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I have learned so much from Michael Hartl of Ruby on Rails Tutorial. The screencast format is great for me but there is also a book if that suits you better; both are brilliant and have global acclaim from the RoR community.

I recommend at the very least that you check out the free online book and perhaps even follow the first few chapters. You'll be amazed what Michael gets you doing.

The tutorial covers not just Ruby on Rails but many of the thing needed for modern web development.

  • Version control (Git and GitHub)
  • Unix commands
  • Behaviour driven development

If you're interested follow the below link to find out more:

(Affiliate link)

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails

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    Over the weekend I have decided to make the switch to vim. I have been meaning to expore vim for a while but since a couple of friends (including @podmedicsed have recently made the switch I thought I would give it a go.

    There are a reasons that I decided to make the switch:

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