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Switching to vim

Over the weekend I have decided to make the switch to vim. I have been meaning to expore vim for a while but since a couple of friends (including @podmedicsed have recently made the switch I thought I would give it a go.

There are a reasons that I decided to make the switch:

  • I like procratination and customisation
  • Using the terminal is cool
  • Everything in one tab
  • I like the vim phillosophy
  • recently my fingers and wrists have been hurting
  • I hate the mouse and trackpad

From my experience this weekend I would recommend:

  1. following the vimtutor tutorial (just type vimtutor at the terminal)
  2. watching Derek Wyatt's vimeo tutorials (he's nuts but fun and his videos are a very good introduciton)
  3. get familiar with the documentation (type :help to get help on a topic)
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